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Default Frame Dimensions/Specs 2000 Chevy 4 door long bed

Does anyone know where I can find the frame dimensions without having to climb under my truck and measure everything? I'm thinking of using the frame rails I got off here awhile back and have a frame built for Eeyeore instead of trying to use the stock frame.

I'm afraid that, knowing what I will hook onto with my repo lift, that I'm going to break the frame in half and then have to start over. Just considering the idea of a 2 ton sized frame for this truck. I bought a pair of 28' Semi-truck frame rails off of here awhile back, and figure they would be perfect to cut down and turn into an extreme duty frame. I figure the width of the frame itself will allow me to run a taller tire without a lift as well, so I may have that going for me as well.

Anyway, I'm trying to think out loud here. Eeyore will be based around a 2000 Chevrolet 3500 single wheel double cab truck, with a Cummins 12 valve and 5 speed, divorced transfer case, and leaf sprung 4x4 front axle. I'm not wanting this thing to be a monster truck or outrageously lifted beast, but a VERY functional work mule that will hook onto anything and everything I can put behind it, and then take whatever I hook onto wherever I want to go without hesitation. I've driven a 2003 Dodge 4 door 2wd for 9 years, and it's helpless on wet grass. I just want an all around work truck that will do whatever I want to do. Function and utility over looks and 'over-compensation' issues.

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