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Default The oldest tool...

What is the oldest tool/ piece of equipment (that still works) in your garage or shop that you regularly use? Operators excluded...

For me, The oldest hand tool I regularly use is an old Plomb 1/2" drive breaker bar like this, that dates back to the '40s. This thing is indestructible and gets used all the time...

My shop is full of older equipment that still works, such as my valve grinders.

I also have an old '70s Marquette Engine Diagnostic Center, and an old Yale recirculating chain hoist that supposedly hung in a Tulsa Ford dealership back in the early '30s...

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I don't have anything that interesting. Oldest stuff is most of a Craftsman tool set and toolbox my bride gave me the first or 2nd year of our marriage - wudda been ~1968.
Prolly the most interesting is something I acquired around 1972. I was a helicopter pilot in the USAF back then, and there was an unwritten rule that if you found any tool left in the cockpit by a mechanic, it was yours. I still have the duckbill pliers I found on the floor, and use them very frequently. And Duck himself liked them so much when working in my garage that he bought a pair for himself. They are unusual, but if you ever use a pair, you'll wish you'd gotten some long ago.
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The oldest tool in my garage would be me.haha
I do have a 1947 Southbend lath.
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