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Default Interesting info on body filler temps

On another tech thread regarding metal etch primer, I mentioned that I'd ordered some Rage Gold body filler. I could not find a min ambient temp for its use on the Evercoat website, and almost assumed (a) that it's prolly 50 like for most paints, and (b) that cooler temps only slow the curing process. Hmmm... Faced with doing bodywork in a semi-cold garage this winter, I figured maybe I should call and ask. So I did. Oh my!
The Evercoat people said that the min temp is 60. And using it if it's colder than that doesn't just slow the curing - it can stop it altogether, and it will not recover/restart curing with heat later. Once the 2-part chemical process starts, there is a limited time for it to proceed, and once it stops (cured, or too cold), it's done. If it is not hard, it never will be. Wow, I had no idea.
I did ask if they had a faster hardener for colder temps. Nope.
I hope this helps someone else. I think it just saved me some possible do-overs. I hate do-overs. Especially body work do-overs.
Now I gotta find a way to heat my garage a bit without igniting the filler fumes. That reduces my choices.
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Default Well

Good to know. Sanding gooey paint would not be fun.
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