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I wouldn't worry about all this as I saw 3 different times that groups of cars hanging in the right lane with plenty of room to pull over drove right passed parked patrol cars and didn't get pulled over.

When I got back I read also in an editorial that the OHP has said that s a matter of practice they are not likely going to pull people over if they are not impeding traffic or if a car is broke down on the shoulder.

Jimmy I have heard the road rage excuses also but I think that's just some politician who has looked at statistics and not the facts. Most of the road rage I ever hear about is in the city's not out on the open road and the interview I saw on TV when this got passed the OHP said that they were more concerned with out on the hiways not in town where they know all the lanes will need to be used because of the amount of traffic. Maybe he was just blowing smoke guess we will see with time.
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