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I noted some difference driving Tulsa to Claremore this morning. Most were hanging in rt lane like they should. But 2-3 times, someone in right lane would be slow coming away from a light or on an on-ramp, and I'd go left to pass them. But by the time I was even with them, they were going same speed (speed limit) with cars behind them. So now do I (a) stay there, now illegal? (b) slow down to get back in the rt lane behind the pack, but also illegal because then I'm not passing anyone? or (c) speed up to get in front of the car I was originally passing, which means I'd be speeding? It's a no win. I really wonder what they'd expect you to do in that situation. The safest would be to speed up to get around, but I wouldn't bet on getting out of a ticket for that.
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